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Agenda for March 24 BOE Meeting

1.) Approval of Community Learning Center Schools, Inc Nea Proposition 39 Facilities Request - Longfellow Site 

Background: In December, 2008 the Board of Education provisionally approved the Community Learning Center Schools, Inc charter for Nea. With the approval of the Memorandum of Understanding, CLCS request for Prop 39 Facilities submitted on February 12, 2009 needs to be answered by the District. CLCS requested space at Longfellow Education Center.

After negotiations with CLCS as well as current organizations currently using Longfellow Education Center, the District is going to offer exclusive use of 11 rooms for classrooms, exclusive and shared use of other rooms for specialized classrooms and non-teaching space, including a multi-purpose room.

The Distinct will provide it Final Facilities offer to Nea by April 1, 2009. Nea will have until May 1, 2009 to notify the District if it intends to occupy the offered space. A Facilities Use Agreement will come to Board for approval later in May, 2009.

Fiscal Implications: Pursuant to Prop 39, the District is obligated to make facilities available to Nea. Costs are estimate to be $250,000 and Measure C bond funds and Capital Outlay Funds will be used. For 2009-10 school year, District will provide Nea with substantially rent free facilities. As a result, the District will charge Nea the actual costs of supervisory oversight in an amount not to exceed three (3) percent of the revenue Nea receives pursuant to Education Code 47613(b).

Superintendent Goal: Goal #2 Align the spending plan.

2.) Request for Proposals (RFP) for Two (2) Special Education Transportation Companies

Background:  In 2007-08 the AUSD paid $700,000 for transportation. In 2008-09 a  new contract was estimated to cost $1.5 million. The district would like to receive RFPs to lower the cost of transportation for special education. The Board approved the action to request RFPs.

Fiscal Implications: Potential savings if the new contract is lower cost.

Superintendent Goal: Goal #2 Align the spending plan.

3.) 2009/10 Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Budget Information Update - Categorical Program Reports Part 2

Background:  Staff made an initial presentation of the impact of the Governor's proposed budget at the January 27th Board of Education meeting. Staff made an presentation on the ongoing budget implications at the February 10th meeting along a presentation at February 11th board workshop. At the February 24 meeting staff began to explain the implications of the newly adopted State budget as well as provide information about categorical spending. At the March 10 board meeting staff provided Part 1 analysis of the categorical programs including cost and benefits of each program. Tonight will present Part 2 analysis of categorical spending. 

Fiscal Implications: To be determined

Superintendent Goal: Goal #2 Align the spending plan.

4.) School Site and Unrestricted Departmental Budgets

Background: As part of the modified zero-based budgeting process for 2009-10, staff presented an overview  school site budgets and District departmental budget of unrestricted funds. A parent from the District prepared a summary of school site budget into a two page document that show costs per student

Fiscal Implications: To be determined

Superintendent Goal: Goal #2 Align the spending plan.

5.) Budget Categorical Flexibility Information

Background: A public hearing was held in order for the District to use Categorical Flexibility to address state budget reductions for education.

Fiscal Implications: Use categorical funds of $800,000 in the next two years to avoid making program cuts.

Superintendent Goal: Goal #2 Align the spending plan.

6.) Master Plan Process

Background: The new Superintendent and the Board of Education wish to begin a process to develop Master Plan for Alameda Unified School District.  While we have been able to mitigate current budget reductions from the State with Measure H funds, we need to address the long-term needs of the District. The purpose of this item is to introduce a process for the development of a Master Plan and agree upon on outcomes and time lines. The target date for completion of the Master Plan is December, 2009.  Board member McMahon created a blog post AUSD Master Plan Process to start the community dialouge.

Fiscal Implications: To be determined

Superintendent Goal: All.

7.) School Board Stipends and Health Benefits

Background: Until June 30, 2008, the Alameda Unified School District paid each school board member $150 a meeting (up to $300 a month) and health benefits if board member elected to receive them. The cost for the 2007/08 for these benefits was approximately $27,000. Staff surveyed surrounding school districts to determine the current level of stipends and benefits provided. The Board requested additional information on Board member reimbursements policy before they consider reinstating the board stipends.  

Fiscal Implications: Stipends would cost approximately $15,000 and health care benefits ( matching teacher health care benefits) could range from $12,000 to $25,000 if all board members elected to sign up.

Superintendent Goal: None