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Recap for November 24 BOE Meeting

School District Formal Agenda - PDF Version including Consent Items

1.) Highlighting Alameda Schools: Otis Elementary School

Background: The Otis staff shared Otis' school based programs.

Fiscal Implications: None.

2.) Approval of School Based Coordinated Site Plans & Program Improvement Watchlist

Background: Each year school site develop School Site Plans which approved by School Site Councils. These plans reflect on prior year achievement data, a theory of action, measurable goals and a work plan. Staff presented an overview of the main highlights of the process as well as discuss the program improvement oversight process.

Fiscal Implications: None

3.) Revised Anti-Harassment Policy

Background: Staff is recommending change to Board Policy 5145.7 Anti-Harassment Policy. Here is a  copy of the Redline BP 5145.7 and the Final BP 5145.7.

Fiscal Implications: None

4.) Review of Anti-Bullying Instructional Materials

Background: The Superintendent directed staff to investigate a new curriculum that addresses bullying and harassment and explicitly addresses all six protected classes identified in Education Code 200: disability, gender, nationality, race of ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Staff provided an update to the Board of Education on the work of the Community Advisory Committee in the search for a new curriculum. Staff also presented information about instructional maters and will made a recommendation to the Superintendent.

Fiscal Implications: $50,00 Instructional materials and professional development

5.) Introduction of Proposed School Accountability Tiering System

Background: The Tiering Accountability system is a "Conceptual framework" which will provide an annual snap-shot of the school performance through monitoring and support. It will provide targeted support to help build cohesiveness and alignment around key instructional practices.

The Tiering Accountability System is a research based "Value-add" model and will be piloted and refined throughout 2009-2010 school year. 

Fiscal Implications: None

6.) Approval of Amendment to Alameda Boys & Girls Club Lease Agreement

Background: During legal review of the lease General Counsel identified three areas of concern that need amendment:

  1. Remove a reference to Department of Architecture
  2. Clarify the Boys and Girls Club financial and actual responsibility for compliance with CEQA
  3. An addition of a mutual indemnification clause

This item was pulled from the agenda.

Fiscal Implications: None

7.) Review of DRAFT Demographic Study

Background: The District has had Jack Schreder and Associates presented their demographic study for AUSD. A draft of the study was reviewed with a powerpoint presentation.

Fiscal Implications: None

8.) Alameda Boys and Girls Club California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Mitigated Negative Declaration

Background:  In order to for the project to build a Boys and Girls Club to begin, the Board of Education must a approve a Mitigated Negative Declaration. The District intends to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration at our December 8 BOE meeting.

Fiscal Implications: None

9.) First Interim  Report for 2009/10 Fiscal Year

Background:  Staff presented the First Interim.

Fiscal Implications: None

10.) Inventory of School Programs

Background:  Staff presented a matrix showing school based programs offered across the District.

Fiscal Implications: None

11.) Alameda Education Association (AEA) Addendum to AEA Sunshine Proposal to 2009-2012 Contract

Background:  The Alameda Education Association proposes to supplement its initial proposal by adding two articles to openers for contract negotiations:

Article 3 Association Rights, Section 3.01 Use of Facilities

Article 5 Leaves, Section 5.04 Personal Necessity Leaves

In addition, AEA is requesting students of teachers receive the same treatment as neirghborhood children for enrollment purposes.

Fiscal Implications: Unknown