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BOE Meeting Minutes November 25, 2003

1. Alameda Education Foundation Donation

Background: The Alameda Education Foundation supports Alameda Unified School District in many ways. To date they donated $118,000 for music and performing arts in the school districts.

Proceeds of $32,000 from the Third Gala Concert for Music in Our Schools will be presented to the Board. These funds will be distributed as follows:

  • $4,000 for each high and middle school
  • $1,000 for each elementary school
  • The Fourth Gala Concert for Music in Our Schools will be February 28, 2004.

    2. Recognition of Alameda Teacher of the Year, Nancy Steimle

    Background: Evey year since 1988 the Alameda Unified School District has selected a Teacher of the Year for the District honor. Past winners were:

    Pam Curtis 1988 Linda McCluskey 1996
    Karen Guthrie 1989 Sue Enger 1997
    Joel Baum 1990 Mary Dierking 1998
    Teri Olsen 1991 Rufina "Ping" Mejia 1999
    Nancy Phillipsen 1992 Roxanne LeBlanc 2000
    Robert Ruark 1993 Kristi Hanelt 2001
    Jim Peters 1994 Robert Siltanen 2002
    James Richard 1995

    Nancy Steimle, Edison Elementary School, the Teacher of the Year 2003, will receive a momento for her honor.

    3. District Enrollment Report

    Background: The District maintains ongoing enrollment records to monitor attendance levels at each site. Since a dignificant portion of the District's state revenue is derived from student attendance, carefully monitoring of enrollment trends is crucial. In addition, in order to maximize financial efficiences, students are diverted to schools to maximize available space based on staffing ratios. In 2003/04, 137 students were diverted. Finally, the District allows inter-district transfers based on a space available basis. In 2003/04, 399 students are attending Alameda schools from other districts.

    4. Staff Buy-Out Day Report

    Background: The State of California reimburses lcoal school districts for up to three days of staff development training. The staff development staff were August 28, August 29 and October 24. A recap of staff development activities by site was presented.

    5. Board Meeting Format

    Background: The Board of Education adopted a new Board meeting format at the November 12th meeting . An additional clarification was made that the portion of time set aside for Oral Communications will be thirty minutes.

    6. Resolution No. 03-3824 of the Alameda Unified School District Board of Education Ordering an Election and Establishing Specifications of the Election Order

    Background: The Board conducted a three hour workshop on September 6th. At the workshop staff recommended financing Option 2 to address a high level Site by Site needs listed in the Facilities Master plan.

    The Board of Education at the September 9th BOE meeting approved staff recommendation to obtain approximately $57 million via a General Obligation bond. The Board directed staff to update and refine the facility needs and costs by site in the Master Plan. At the November 12th meeting staff presented an updated and refined plan containing new site by site needs.

    In order to place a measure on the March 2004 ballot, the Board of Education adopted a resolution that is consistent with the requirements of Prop 39. The four page resolution along ballot wording and an eight page listing of the projects was presented. The Board of Education voted 5-0 for the resolution.

    Proposed Ballot Measure Language

    Alameda School Repair Measure To renovate aging neighborhood schools, improve student safety conditions, relieve classroom overcrowding, construct, equip, upgrade classrooms, facilities and sites, and qualify for over $17 million in State matching funds, shall the Alameda Unified School District extend an existing school assessment allowing the issuance of $63 million of bnds at legal rates, with annual audits and citizen oversight, with no proceeds going to the State and all funds remaining in Alameda to benefit neighborhood schools without increasing existing tax rates?



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