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Recap for June 12 BOE Meeting

Link to Novus website containing Formal Agenda and Supporting Documentation

1.) Adoption of Student and Employee 2012/13 Calendars

Background: Due to delays in arriving at an agreed upon 2012/13 school calendar with the Alameda Education Association, the Board adopted a number of work calendars. In addition, a student calendar with the start of school was adopted.

Fiscal Implications: None.

2. Collective Bargaining Agreements with CSEA

Background: Negotiations for a new three year contract were successful. As a result, the Board approved new three contracts with CSEA 27 and 860 along with Memorandum of Understandings for one year trials of certain working conditions.

Fiscal Implications: None.

3.) Recommendation for Allocation of Measure A Funds

Background: Staff presented a recommendation of Measure A funds which last year's allocation formula.

Fiscal Implications: To be determined

4.) Update on Measure A Expenditures

Background: Staff presented background and overview materials of the expenditures for Measure A.

Fiscal Implications: None.

5.) School Site and District Budgets

Background: Staff presented the 2012/13 budgets for school sites and District Office departments.

Fiscal Implications: None.

6.) Summer Facilities Projects

Background: Staff presented a list of the Summer facilities projects.

Fiscal Implications: None.

7.) Non Binding Letter with the Intent to Enter into a Lease Agreement

Background: Staff presented an option to lease space in Marina Village to house District Offices. The Board voted 3 to 2 support moving forward to securing the lease.

Fiscal Implications: None.

8.) Review of Novus Agenda System

Background: Staff solicited input from the Board regarding the Novus agenda system. Overall, the Board believed the new system is working.

Fiscal Implications: None.

9.) Review of Superintendent's Performance Goal

Background: As part of contract, the Superintendent is eligible to receive up to $15,000 based on completion of goals. The Superintendent presented evidence of work done to complete the three goals.

Fiscal Implications: None.