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Recap for November 5 BOE Meeting

Link to Novus website containing Formal Agenda and Supporting Documentation

1.) Public Hearing - Nea Charter School Application

Background: The staff from Nea presented a brief overview of their charter school. This public hearing is required by law. Staff will present its recommendation on Nea charter renewal request at a December 17th special meeting.

Fiscal Implications. None.

2. Kindergarten Round Up

Background: Staff presented a timeline for Kindergarten Roundup.

Fiscal Implications: None.

3.League of Women Voters Transparency Update

Background: Staff presented a review of the changes made to agendas and other processes to address concerns raised by the League of Women Voters.

Fiscal Implications: None.

4.Presentation on Common Core Standards Implementation

Background: The staff presented a review of the implementation activities for Common Core Standards.

Fiscal Implications: None.

5.School Update and Progress Report

Background: Staff the detailed review of the School Update and Progress Report prepared each year to evaluate where the school may need additional resources. You can view all of the individuals schools here.

Fiscal Implications: None