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California Budget for 2014

The 2014 budget has moved past crisis mode of past budget cycles.  The 2003 Budget crisis and  2008 budget crisis are things of the past. However with the adoption of Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) school districts are faced with a different type of uncertainity. The Governor had proposed LCFF as way to provide school districts with more control over their budgets. In 2014 the State Board of Education drafted initial regulations outlining how school districts will be required to demonstrate how they were spending new funds on under served students.

The Governor's initial budget released in January contained significant new monies for K-12 education. A bill introduced to fully implement Transitional Kindergarten was not part of the Governor's budget. The budget was adopted and signed on time. When all was said and done there were no significant changes to the January budget proposal. The forecast improved slightly resulting in more money for LCFF.  Rather than allocated more one time monies for Common Core adoption, $450 million of mandate reimbursement was added. School districts can spend their monies in any manner they wish. Of biggest concern was the insertion of CTA backed legislation which will require school districts to spend down reserves if the State make deposits to their Rainy Day fund.

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